It is time for


Take a break, breathe, contemplate the vastness of the skies, lose yourself in the brilliant light of the sun. Let go.

Tunisia is a captivating destination unlike any other. One that will surprise and delight you in so many memorable ways.

Accessible adventure

No need to go to the ends of the earth to fulfill your passions. At 140 km from Sicily and one hour from Europe. Tunisia is the doorway to Africa, the Orient and the Sahara.

Diverse and changing landscapes

Discover landscapes to take your breath away, from the mountainous North following the Coral Coast, down to the Saharan South where you can cross dried out lakes, climb sand dunes and follow the path of immense canyons.

Picturesque sites far from the beaten path

You can choose to stay on the road and discover here and there hilltop villages, a bird-covered lake, or Roman ruins out in the countryside. You could also take the adventurous route off-road, plunge into the heart of the Sahara on rocky trails and among the sand dunes.


A concert of Andalusian music in the ancient cathedral of Saint Louis of Carthage: when East and West come together in harmony.

Forget the grey and gloom for the thousand colors of Tunisia.


Red, like the sunsets on the island of Djerba, the bountful hibiscus, the chechia hat that the Tunisians have donned for centuries, the Bedouin robes that date back to the dawn of time. Yellow, like the flowering fields in the springtime, the braided baskets of the artisans of Nabeul, the glazed plates decorated with fish. Green, like the palm groves as far as the eye can see, the jasmine vines studded with white flowers, the domes lined with Andalusian ceramic tiles. Gold, like the old stones of Kauriouan or Thuburbo Majus, the mountains standing tall in the heart of the desert. Blue, of course like the brilliant sky or the infinite nuances of the Mediterranean sea. A host of colors at your disposal to pain in inspirational trip.