Lifetime memories and full spectrum of emotions. Fenix Rally will make you fall in love with the desert and the beautiful country of Tunisia.

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Seven competitive days beginning with a ceremonial start in the city of Tunis, followed by a short opening special stage on the sandy Mediterranean coast.

After a long connection and another fast special, the rally arrives to the town of Douz, the gate to Sahara.

Three Legs will bring you every day in a different direction, offering various types of dunes, fesh-fesh and nice and fast gravel. Star Wars, the soft white sand of Sabria, the majestic Grand Erg Oriental, the twisty roads with oued crossings around Matmata and the grandiose dunes of Zmela will through you from one element to the other.

A long day with all types of desert terrain is needed to take you to a magical oriental oasis with the atmosphere of “1001 nights”.

What follows then, for the last two rally days, is the pure beauty of sand in every creation of Mother Nature. Wow! Dare to fly with the Fenix – the doorway to Sahara!