Rallying in the desert of Tunisia

Picture it yourself for a moment. Can you feel the smell of the sand, the noise of the wind and the mystic beauty of the desert? Have you ever dreamed about this type of freedom - the light blue limitless sky, infinite horizon and fullness of joy? Can you taste the sweetness of a date in your mouth? The flavour of the exotic food and the fine smell of fresh ingredients. Delicious! Already playing games in your head driving on the sand dunes?

Your heartbeat is getting faster? So does ours.


1. Time is a great asset!

Full rally action as compact time-saving concept.
6 rally days in the desert.
Just 10 days away from home.

2. Money talks and we know it.

Moderate budget for a lifetime event in Africa.
Great value for your money!
Everything is taken care of with one easy solution.


3. Everyone on board!

The rally is open to motorbikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks. It is your choice: Cross-country desert rally or guided Discovery category.

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4. Intelligent rally route and program.

Balanced mixture of sand, dunes and gravel tracks.
Combination of fast and technical parts with nature obstacles and road book navigation.

5. RBI offers support.

Transportation of rally vehicle. Airport shuttle service. Information for ferries. Mobile workshop – tools, air, tire service. Local car rental and many more. View more details

6. Safety is our TOP Priority!

Highest safety standards. European 4WD medical service. Satellite tracking system included. Helicopter with medics in the air. Medical points on the route. Experienced marshals.


7. Hotel accommodation for all.

8 nights in 4 Star Hotel included in the entry fee. Main central camp and easy access for all kind of vehicles. Accommodation in line with the local life and local cuisine with tasty food. Feeling like a rally star in the desert paradise!

8. Super highlight!

One overnight stay at a 5-star tented camp during the marathon stage. Go „offline“ and get a real restart. Experience the spirit and see the beauty of the Sahara desert. Socializing with good friends, food and a cold drink.

Do not miss our GUIDED DISCOVERY!

Follow the adventure in the pathway of the competitors.

For drivers with non-modified 4WD vehicles or bikes who want to live the emotion of following the road book or the GPS without the pressure of time.



We bring the desert closer to you.
You get the best for your money!

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