Flight – SOF -WAW – CRL – TOE – Fenix Rally

How to get to the Rally.


Accessible adventure in the Sahara Desert.Transportation of rally vehicle. Airport shuttle service. Information about ferries. Mobile workshop – tools, air, tire service. Local car rental and many more.


Fenix ‘Air Shuttle’ - the Private Flight for Fenix Rally 2021

Fenix “Air Shuttle” Nr. 1




  1. Flights

11.03.2021 Onbound Flight: Sofia (SOF) – Warsaw (WAW) – Brüssel South Charleroi (CRL) – Tozeur (TOE)

20.03.2021 Inbound Flight: Touzeur (TOE) – Brüssel South Charleroi (CRL) – Warsaw (WAW)  – Sofia Sofia (SOF)

Airline: Bulgarian Air Charter

Aircraft: Airbus 320, 180 passenger seats

Luggage: Hand luggage up to 8 kg.

  1. Additional night at hotel in Douz

The flight is on 11.03.2021 so we included the extra night in Douz 11-12.03.2021 which was not initially included in the entry fee. The standard rally hotel accommodation in Douz are: check-in 12.03.2021 and check-out: 20.03.2021.

  1. Fenix Rally Shuttle from the Airport in Touzer to Rally HQ in Douz

VIP Shuttles with Buses from the Airport to hotel in Douz on 11.03.2021 and back from the hotel to the airport in Tozeur on 20.03.2021.

  1. Additional benefits: convenience, one big rally group stays together, high level of safety and minimized risks of additional interactions, time saving, rally family feeling
  2. Covid-19 requirements
    Negative PCR Test result on boarding in both directions – standard requirement for the current situation
    Face masks on board and following of all hygienic rules
  3. Price: 599 EUR per person/seat
  4. Payment terms: full payment until 12.02.2021. Teams can book seats and pay for number of seats first and provide the names of the participants in addition – until 21.02.2021. Important: the flight will take place with minimum 165 booked and paid passengers.
  5. Changes and cancellation

Names of passengers can be changed until 5.03.2021.

No refund for any no-show or late-show passengers.

If the whole flight happens to be cancelled due to an unforeseen event until 21.02.2021, full refund of the price will be made.

If the whole flight happens to be cancelled due to an unforeseen event after 21.02.2021 refunds will be made in compliance with the terms and conditions of Bulgarian Air Charter. Refund will not be less than 65% of the price.