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Visa and Document requirements to enter Tunisia

Everybody coming to Tunisia for Fenix Rally must have a valid international passport. An identity card is not sufficient. The passport needs to be valid for at least 90 days following your departure date from Tunisia and you should have at least half a page available for the entry & exit stamps. However, we strongly recommend traveling with 6 months validity on your passport at all times.

Visa: EU citizens except Cyprus can visit Tunisia for up to 90 days without visa unless otherwise noted. If you think you need to obtain a visa considering your nationality, please contact the embassy or the consulate of Tunisia in your country.

Import of rally vehicles/spare parts etc.

1 vehicle registered onto 1 passport

When entering Tunisia with a vehicle, this vehicle will be registered into your passport. This means you can only leave the country together with that same vehicle. Driving to Tunisia by car but returning by plane and letting somebody else drive back the car to Europe, is NOT possible.

On top of this the standard procedure states that 1 person can only bring 1 vehicle. This means that whoever drives a van to Tunisia, transporting 1 motorbike, should be 2 persons in the van: the van will be registered in 1 person’s passport, the motorbike in the 2nd person’s passport.

Those transporting more than 1 vehicle and who do not have enough co-drivers, must bring an “ATA Carnet”, “Carnet TIR” or “Carnet du Passage”.

More information ATA Carnet:

Contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of your country.

More information on Carnet du Passage :

For information on Carnet TIR contact the customs in your country.


Every person wanting to enter Tunisia with a vehicle which is not registered in his/her own personal name, must carry a “procuration”. This is a document filled in by the real owner in which he/she clearly allows the other person to temporarily bring the vehicle to Tunisia.

This document is not valid unless it has been validated by a notary or a lawyer. Make sure the document has an official stamp and to be translated at least into French.