Everyone on board!


The rally is open to motorbikes, quads, SSVs, cars and trucks. It is your choice: Cross-country desert rally or guided Discovery category.

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Fenix rally opens the field of eligible vehicles to such extend that in order to make the proper competitive spirit, the vehicles will be separated in to the following classes and subclasses.

- 1 cylinder bikes (any ccm)
- 2 cylinder (any ccm)

- All quad types (2wd and 4wd)

- All SSV types (2wd, 4wd, turbo and non-turbo)

- Open
* Up to 2000 ccm
* Over 2000 ccm
- Limited
* Up to 2000 ccm
* Over 2000 ccm

- Under 7.5 t
- Over 7.5 t

*Truck class (only if 7 trucks registered)

Special trophies:

New classification group Historic cars - cars with limited technical modifications. Technical condition of the car corresponds with the period of manufacturing.

- Period 1 – Open: for cars produced cars produced before 31.12.1990

- Period 2 – Open: for cars produced between 1.1.1991 and 31.12.1999


Follow the adventure in the pathway of the competitors.For drivers with non-modified 4WD vehicles or bikes who want to live the emotion of following the road book or the GPS without the pressure of time.

The guided Discovery category is open for Enduro, ATV, SSV and Cars. There is no ranking and timing for this category. Specialists in the desert driving will support the participants throughout the rally.