Rally Season 2022

Three amazing events and “RBI Grand Master Award! IT’S HERE! 2022 Season Planning is underway! After years of hard effort and incredible team work, we are […]

Fenix Rally 2021: a new era of the desert rallies just began

The newest event of RBI Sport was no doubt a great success, bringing new terrains and new emotions The inaugural edition of Fenix Rally in Tunisia […]

Fenix Rally 2021: the maiden winners

The first edition of Fenix Rally ended today with a last special stage of 110 km. After 6 days and more than 1000 kms competitive sections, […]

Fenix Rally 2021, Leg 5: almost done

The 5th and penultimate day of Fenix Rally 2021, took the competitors from the Bedouin camp of the marathon stage back to Douz at the main […]

Fenix Rally 2021, Leg 4: the marathon

The fourth day of Fenix Rally 2021 offered the competitors another two special stages, with timed distance of 102 and 71 kilometers respectively. But more important […]

Fenix Rally 2021, Leg 3: battle, as hard as the terrain is

The longest Leg of Fenix Rally 2021 offered 2 special stages with a total timed distance of 261 kilometers. The route consisted mainly of hard tracks […]

Fenix Rally, Leg 2: not a daily park ride

The second day of Fenix Rally 2021 offered 2 stages (named “Park ride” and “Sahara toaster”) around the Jebil National Park near Douz with almost 190 […]

Fenix Rally, LEG 1: at full throttle

Fenix Rally 2021 started with a short flag off ceremony in Douz with the presence of the local authorities, who gave the official start. Just minutes […]

Fenix Rally 2021: the route

A mix of sand and fast “pistes”, plus marathon stage for the inaugural desert race As almost all competitors reached the base camp of Fenix Rally […]