Fenix Rally 2021, Leg 4: the marathon

The fourth day of Fenix Rally 2021 offered the competitors another two special stages, with timed distance of 102 and 71 kilometers respectively. But more important thing was that the second section was part of this year’s marathon stage of the race. This meant, that all of the participant would go to an isolated camp in the desert, when they could not count of their assistance teams for help, but only of other competitors.

In the bikes class, the Frenchman Jonathan Mongarny (FRA, Beta) was the fastest for the day, overtaking Bram van der Wouden (Sherco) with tiny 20 seconds. Anyway the Dutch is still comfortable leader, with huge advance to the French pilots Lionel Mansuy (Sherco) and Romain Muraton (Husaberg), who did the leg on 4th and 3rd place, respectively.

The battlle in the ATV class for the moment is internal Lithuanian affair, as Romualdas Karuzis (Can Am) and Adomas Gancierius (CF Moto) were the first two pilots on the finish line. Third for the day was Mikolaj Krysik (Can-Am) from Poland, and we see same three names in the same three positions of the overall ranking, where Karuzis seems unbeatable for the moment with 40 minutes advance.

Lionel Baud made it again in the SSV class, as he finished LEG 4 on the first place, in front of Kose Castan (FRA, Can Am) and Stephane Zosso (CHE, Can Am). The French pilot Baud and his spectacular PH Sport Zephyr machine are dominating the rankings, as they now lead with 35 minutes to Pelle Moens (NLD, Can-Am, 6th for the day) and even 51 to Dalius Olechnavicius(Can-Am, 10th on Leg 4).

Once again Jerome Pelichet showed what is to be so many years in the desert races, and also, to have the appropriate car for this kind of terrains. The Frenchman with Optimus 2WD dune buggy made it again in the marathon day, beating Agostino Rizzardi (Porsche) with almost 12 minutes. Third of the day was Jean Pascal Besson with his T3RR, but in the overall rankings the pilot from France is in front of the Italian. And, if Pelichet has a huge advance as leader, the battle for the second place is on full speed, as the two contenders are separate by just 5 minutes.

Leg 5 will bring the caravan of Fenix Rally 2021 back to Douz. But before that, there are another two timed sections for the day – first with 98, and the second one with 131 kilometers against the clock. In the menu there is again the best that Sahara can offer – fast tracks, sand and even more sand…