Reconnaissance is COMPLETE! – Fenix Rally

Reconnaissance is COMPLETE!

This amazing cross-country rally will have it all – speed, sand, navigation and all this done through the well known RBI quality and management.
The recce, is not only to make the rally route, it is an undertaking that must complete all tasks and requirements that the rally faces.
“Sahara closer to you” – high quality hotel for all, mixture of local Tunisian and European cuisine, friendly and welcoming hosts.
For the last 2 weeks, the Recce teams were like at home with the support and shared knowledge of the local hosts.
RBI has completed all the milestones in the planing of the event including the assistance in Ferry transport, local shuttles, customs clearance and many more. We are preparing all the information and we will share it all with you in order to join us in this epic Fenix rally!