The Doorway to Sahara!

Ready to conquer the Sahara and test your skills in the ultimate desert rally?

The Sands Are Calling, and the Journey Awaits!

Fenix Rally invites you to an exceptional desert rally, ensuring the perfect blend of top-notch safety, intelligent organization, exotic vibes and reasonable pricing. It's the palpable sense of camaraderie, the spirit of a close-knit family that makes us unique. Get ready for a thrilling adventure amid the Sahara's challenging terrain, setting the stage for an ultimate test of skill and endurance. 


For direct event information please download the Sportity app. 

The password for Season 2024 is FENIX-RALLY

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We will capture your team's journey, so you can relive the excitement, passion, and emotion for years to come.

Elevate your memories with exclusive shots and footage that encapsulate the essence of your adventure. From roaring engines to triumphant finishes, we capture it all!

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1. Who is the rally for?

Fenix Rally is suitable for any team wanting to compete in one of the following Classes: motorbike/Enduro, ATV/quads, side-by-sides, cars or trucks in the challenging terrains Sahara has to offer.

Teams that want to live the full rally experience and navigate through the rally's route, without the pressure of time can enter the Discovery Category. Participants are provided with a GPS, while they can simultaneously exercise and advance their navigating skills practicing using the road book.

Our events are meticulously designed for rally enthusiasts – either for professionals eager to race in FIA/FIM World Championships, or for racers/athletes aiming to train themselves and their vehicles for the Dakar.

2. Intelligent rally route and program!

Experience the full rally action in a compact, time-saving format.
The event includes a prologue and 7 rally legs in the desert along with a dedicated rest day with bivouac relocation. This will ensure more time for the competitors to catch their breath from the competition and to enjoy the time in socializing.

The rally offers a balanced mixture of sand, dunes and gravel tracks. Combination of fast and technical parts with nature obstacles and road book navigation.



3. Safety is our TOP Priority!

Outstanding level of organization. TOP SAFETY CONCEPT with attention to every detail. Our event boasts the highest safety standards, including the presence of a European 4WD medical service, ensuring swift medical assistance when needed. The rally is equipped with a satellite tracking system, allowing continuous monitoring and response capabilities. In addition, a dedicated helicopter with medics is on standby in the air, ready to provide immediate aid. Along the route, strategically positioned medical points further enhance participant safety. Our team comprises experienced marshals, ensuring a well-coordinated and secure rally experience for all.


The exclusive package of services included in the entry fee guarantees an amazing experience.  Everything is taken care of with one easy solution. Digital Roadbook and Nav GPS device with validation of way points, speed limits, neutralization. Rally Safety System approved by FIA including vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Digital Rally Control Platform - full view & command while running the event. Accommodation package. Meals in local & European style in hotels and catering in the bivouac.


5. Accommodation package.

Stay for 7 nights in a ncie 4-Star Hotel, spend 1 night in a tenteed camp, and enjoy 2 nights in an open air bivouac "Breslau" style. The main central camp is easy access for all kind of vehicles. Accommodation in line with the local life and local cuisine with tasty food. Feeling like a rally star in the desert paradise!


6. Super highlight!

One overnight stay in a facny 5-star tented camp during the marathon stage. Go „offline“ and get a real restart. Enjoy the Sahara desert's charm and vibe.  Socializing with good friends, tasty food and a cold drink.

7. Accessible adventure

Program that allows you easy to organize flights. Ferry booking throug RBI platform. Passport control on the ferry. Support in entering Tunisia.



On Thursday, October 30th, 2023 at 09:00 CET the online tool will be accessible for everyone who wants to compete in the 2024 editions of Fenix Rally. 



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If you are longing to explore the desert, count on us!

Value. World class services. Moderate budget for a lifetime event in Africa. Everything is taken care of with one easy solution. We are there for you to set the base for an accessible adventure in the Sahara Desert.


We bring the desert closer to you!

Our warm welcoming host is the beautiful country of Tunisia which has long traditions in Cross-Country rallies.
RBI Sport is honored to cooperate again with the Tunisian Automobile Federation, the Tunisian Motorcycle Federation, ONTT, the National Automobile Club of Tunisia, the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Tourism, the Garde Nationale, the Army, the Police and numerous local authorities.